If you are unsure about your shipping options, or need advice on getting the best deal, please do not hesitate to drop us an enquiry to get a best quote from us. Or you can give us a call and talk to one of our experts to guide you on your shipping enquiry.


We can cover any warehouse, airport, port or destination within the country. With updated tracking software based on data analysis and information-based management, we provide reliable tracking services to ensure fast and efficient delivery of your road shipments.

Containarised inland solutions, no matter how reliable, cannot meet all your supply chain needs. That is why, we are offering our truckload transportation that directly takes your goods from the origin to the destination, giving you an efficient end-to-end cargo journey.

he shipment solution that you require varies with the specifications of your cargo. The size of your shipment, the fragility of your cargo, required speed to market, or budget can affect this decision

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does SS MOVERS GLOBAL charge for a move?

Request for a quote from SS MOVERS GLOBAL and any of our sales reps will contact you. Consider requesting quotes from multiple movers in Malaysia to get a more accurate estimate.

Can I do my packing?

You can pack those personal belongings that you do not want any one else to handle. For the rest of it, it is advised to leave the packaging to our professionals.

How long will the moving process take?

Under normal circumstances, it takes a day to move the contents of a studio or one-bedroom apartment. For bigger homes, it may take two or three days. There are also other factors such as whether or not you use a professional moving company. The earlier you book the services of a trustworthy home movers and packers, the better, so it is advisable to do your research and make your choice.

What are your payment terms?

You need to pay 50% of the bill amount in advance and the rest on the day of the move.